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Mini Split – Ductless

In previous years, any house or office that does not have duct work could not have an air conditioning system installed. Cooling and heating systems are essential in every home or place of business to keep it comfortable for your employees, guests and family members. Mini-split ductless units are the perfect addition for cooling rooms where ductwork is not feasible. It is also suited for room extensions or small office spaces. It is composed of two major parts: the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handling unit.

These systems are quiet, easy to use and energy efficient. Not to mention that it is easier to install since it will not require the technician to create a big hole in the wall which is done for traditional air conditioners. It has two major parts: the indoor air distribution units and the outdoor compressor and condenser. These two parts are connected with refrigerant lines and cables through a small (about 3 inches in diameter) hole. Mini-splits are less visible than any other cooling or heating system type.

With mini-split ductless air conditioning units, you have the option to install it on the ceiling or on the wall depending on your requirement. They can also be zoned individually to cool specific rooms according to your preference and this will greatly reduce your electricity bills each month.

Installation of these units should be done by a certified professional. Long Island Heating Company offers installation services for mini-splits as well as repair and maintenance plans. We also deal with all other types of heating and cooling systems in the Long Island area. We have been providing high quality services and excellent customer care since 1982. All our cooling and heating specialists have the knowledge, skills and experience to design and install, replace parts and troubleshoot minor and major problems with mini-split ductless systems, boilers, furnaces and all types of HVAC units. Long Island Heating Company guarantees excellence in customer service from the moment you call us until the job gets done. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff to answer whatever questions you may have.

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